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Shipping Information and Options

Before validating your purchase you can choose in the "Your Cart" page which shipping service you prefer.


If you place your order before 12 noon UTC + 1 noon, your order will be processed the same day. Orders placed after 12 noon will be handled the following day.

In the cart, you will see the transit times once the order is shipped from our warehouse. The date of availability of the product can be found in the tab of each product.


Shipping times are counted by weekdays. No shipments are made on weekends or holidays.

You can select any of the following shipping services:


Regular shipping

With this shipping service, can receive your products in a reasonable time at the lowest possible cost.


Priority Shipping

With Priority, you receive your products in a shorter period of time handled by the best carrier available in your country.


Express delivery

Our premium service guarantees the fastest possible delivery, while you will prioritize your order over any other order. This means that if there is a lack of stock, your order will always be of the highest priority.


Shipping by Puntopack

This service is available in Spain and France where we offer you the possibility of sending your order to a commercial establishment near your residence. From here you are able to pick it up yourself.


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