Due to COVID's current situation we are currently unable to serve in your country.

Online shop for pet

What should I keep in mind about shipments?

We ship worldwide except on some islands.

If you place your order before 12 noon UTC + 1 noon, your order will be processed the same day. Orders placed after 12 noon will be handled the following day.


The cost of shipping is different for each country and for each type of product, in exception of high volume products, the price of shipping can be from free to 8.95 €. You will always have this information in the cart before payment.


In some countries like Spain or France you can choose between home delivery, or delivery at a point of convenience. We are working to extend this service to everyone.


Are there any extra costs?

Depending on some concepts, sometimes there is s small additional surcharge, mainly these surcharges are:


  1. Orders that exceed 30 kgs have an extra charge of 2.99€
  2. Non-common destinations, such as some islands have an extra charge of 5€


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